Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Crawford County Mentoring Program?

The Crawford County Mentoring Program supports the development of a one-to-one relationship between a volunteer adult role model and a student. This unique relationship provides support and encouragement, and can help a young person develop the academic, social and personal skills to foster success in their future. The CCMP is an effective way to improve student’s self-esteem, expand their vision of opportunities and apply themselves in school.

What is a mentor?

The volunteer mentor will work closely with the school-based site coordinator to build a caring, supportive relationship with the mentee. Mentoring matches are encouraged to view the development of a trusting, mutually satisfying relationship as the primary goal of their time spent together. The mentor does not replace the parent or guardian, but rather supplements the work of parents, teachers, counselors and other social services and educational professionals to help the mentee develop self-esteem and life skills necessary to become a happy and productive member of society.

What is required to become a mentor?

  • A personal commitment to be involved with another person for an extended period of time;
  • Respect for individuals and for their abilities and their right to make their own choices in life;
  • The ability to listen and to accept different points of view;
  • The ability to empathize with another person’s struggles;
  • The ability to see solutions and opportunities as well as barriers;
  • Flexibility and openness.

What is the volunteer commitment?

  • Meet with the mentee for one hour per week during the school year. (All meetings will take place at the mentee’s school during regular school hours);
  • Attend mentor orientation and training sessions before meeting with mentee;
  • Attend ongoing mentor training and support sessions;
  • Attend the Mentoring Celebration at the end of the year;
  • Participate in program evaluations as requested;
  • Follow all safety guidelines and program policies.

How will I know what to do or say?

The Crawford County Mentoring Program has contracted with the Mentoring Center of Central Ohio to help us provide training and support to our mentors. This includes initial training on the Making of a Mentor and Relationship Building and ongoing training on Mentoring Adolescents. We will also have pre-planned and pre-packaged meeting ideas for mentors to use as needed.

What is the difference between mentoring and tutoring?

Mentoring focuses on building a relationship of trust and commitment with a younger, less experienced individual. The relationship is designed to enhance the young person’s attitudes, life skills and behavior. Improvement in these areas will ultimately have a positive effect on the young person’s academics. Tutoring focuses on academics and may or may not result in the development of a relationship of trust and commitment.

I am already involved in mentoring/tutoring in my school. How will this change?

The program vision of the future is to gradually develop ties with all currently operating mentoring / tutoring services in the 6 public schools so that they operate efficiently and effectively together so that any child from grade K through 12 will have access to these services.

Where can I volunteer?

You can volunteer by clicking on the link above and providing your contact information or you may contact the Crawford County Mentoring Program County Coordinator at, or you may call your local public school and ask to talk to the guidance counselor.